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15-18 pieces of blackberries should be included in daily diet. Diabetic people should limit the doze of 4-5 pieces. Blackberries are used in many bakeries, cakes and confectionery as well as domestically.

  • We recommended to open the pack after purchase and shift in an airtight container.

  • They should be stored in cool and dry place.

  • They should be kept away from strong odours.

  • Stock must be rotated from time to time, to optimize shelf life.

  • Dried blackberries are a powerhouse of nutrition.They are low fat, cholesterol-free and high protein.

  • One serving of dried black berries has over 3 mg of iron, or 18% of the needed amount. Iron is contained in every red blood cell, and it is part of the cell that transport oxygen throughout the body.

  • Blackberries are good for the eyes as the antioxidants in berries protect the eye’s retina by repairing damaged cells.

  • Although berries are sweet, but these might be the only sweet treat that gets approval of your dentist. They are packed with compounds that fight oral bacteria, the cause for cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal diseases.  

  • Greece

Average shelf life of black berries is 6-7 months, refrigeration can increase the life a little, however we recommended to store in a cool and a dry place rather than refrigerating these currants.

These corinthian black currants were introduced in the Kashmir market not too long ago, but in a small tenure of 4-5 years, the popularity they have generated has been enormous.They became an instant customer favorite because of their sweet taste, very nominal price and many health benefits.

Being rich in iron, they have had a very positive response in enhancing haemoglobin levels of blood in human body. Basically these currants are dried berries of the small, sweet, seedless grape cultivar “Black Corinth”. The name comes from the Anglo French phrase “raisins de corinthe” (grapes of corinth) and the Ionian island of Zakynthos, which was one of the major producer and distributor. Currant is one of the oldest known raisins.

Jain dry fruits introduced these greek berries in the Kashmir market and today seeing their enormous demand and popularity, they can be found in every dry fruit store in Kashmir. Jain dry fruits ships these berries to all corners of the country.  

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