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A handful of berry mix can be added to your daily break fast routine. These berries are great to be consumed during morning breakfast. Besides that, adding them in smoothies and desserts makes them a mouth watering treat and a much desired reward for your taste buds.

  • Berry mix should be stored in a cool and a dry place.

  • They should be refrigerated ideally for a longer shelf life.

  • Berry mix should be shifted to tupperware from the plastic bag.

  • Berry mix contains a good amount of iron and B-complex vitamins, which helps to treat anemia.

  • Berry mix assist in digestion, because they contain much needed fiber that start to swell in the presence to water.

  • Berry mix is great for your eye sight too, as they are rich in polyphenolic phytonutrients which are antioxidants that helps in keeping your eye sight strong.

  • Berry mix strengthens the immune system as it stimulates the efficient absorption of other nutrients and proteins in the body.

  • Berry mix is great for athletes and bodybuilders, who need powerful boosts of energy and put on weight without accumulating unhealthy amounts of cholesterol.

  • Berry mix is highly recommended for those suffering from issues of sexual endurance, as they stimulate the libido and induce arousal.

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Average shelf life of berry mix is 8 months, however refrigeration can enhance its shelf life by a couple of more months.

Rich in nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals, berry mix is a delicious mix of dried berries, currants and raisins. Having abundant nutrients and antioxidants, berry mix may help prevent the effects of aging, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. Since berry mix is a rich mix of currants, berries and raisins from across the world, they contain health benefits of almost all ingredients packed in one. Besides being a wonderful snack, they are great addition for smoothies, desserts and puddings. They are also a great tropical mix to be consumed in your daily breakfast. Blueberries, blackberries, green raisins, sultana raisins, cranberries and other seasonally available berries are all packed in one pack of berry mix, hence making them an awesome treat to get.

            Jain dry fruits ensures it adds only the highest qualities of available berries, raisins and currants in our berry mix pack, and makes them available to our prestigious customers across the whole country.

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