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10 -15 pieces of Anardana should be soaked in a glass of water overnight, and the same water should be consumed in the morning after removing the seeds. This practise is believed to be beneficial for diabetic people. Besides that anardana is used as a souring agent in Indian cooking and is a wonderful addition to legume dishes like chole, dal tadka, etc. Its also used to garnish dishes like hummus, salads, etc.

  • Anardana should be shifted to an airtight container.

  • It should be kept in refrigeration.

  • Anardana is low in calories and rich in fiber and helps reduce risk of chronic diseases and aids in weight management.

  • They are rich in vitamin C and K, hence aiding immune system function, maintaining strong healthy bones and wound healing.

  • Anardana is rich in specific polyphenols, such as tannins, quercetin and anthocyanins which may offer both heart health and anti-cancer benefits.

  • Anardana juice helps in reducing systolic blood pressure by inhibiting serum angiotensin converting enzyme.

  • Anardana is mainly used for curing diseases like diabetes, prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, etc. as it helps in reducing arterial plaque.

  • India

Under refrigeration Anardana can last upto 10 months.

Anardana refers to the dried seeds of the pomegranate fruit. Bits of pomegranate pulp remain on the seeds as they dry, so the slightly sticky seeds with a fruity, mildly sweet and tangy taste are used as a souring agent in Indian cuisines. They are rich in vitamin C, K and B6. They also contain the minerals potassium and copper. Anardana is used in Indian and Persian cuisine as a souring agent, much like sumac or amchoor. Anardana is coarsely grinded before being added to chutneys and curries. Its sweet sour taste, adds a distinct flavor to dishes.

               Jain dry fruits sells only the best anardana specimens coming from wild pomegranates. Kashmiri anardana is seasonal and may not be available the whole year.

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