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We advise our customers to pick two-three stigmas of saffron per person and soak them in hot water or hot milk taken in a small bowl for around half an hour. Once the stigmas become long and soft rub them and dissolve them using a spoon. When they are completely dissolved you will see the colour of the milk and water has changed to saffron yellowish orange. Then transfer the same to your dish. You can soak it in water or milk, depending on the dish you are preparing. This way, saffron will give its full benefit and flavor. Saffron is used in countless dishes and desserts, and is also used for effectively garnishing in many culinary sweets.

  • Saffron should not be exposed to direct heat and light, hence should be stored at a cool and a dark location in an almirah.

  • It should not be kept in refrigeration, as it makes saffron loose its strength present inside the stigmas.

  • It should be aerated after every 15-20 days to optimize its shelf life. If the stigmas are compressed together, they should be loosened and separated a bit before aerating.

  • Women use saffron for menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome, and men use it to promote fertility and deal with premature ejaculation.

  • Saffron helps in combating diabetes and has been proven to be a handy tool in combating the menace of diabetes.

  • Saffron is used in the treatment of acne and blemishes and promotes fairer and clearer skin.

  • Saffron is used to treat asthma and other respiratory ailments such as cough, whooping cough, etc.

  • Potassium found in saffron is a necessary source that favours cell formation and repair.

  • Saffron is also a digestive and an anticonvulsant.

  • Saffron is a key antidepressant and the active components in the saffron make our body loose its depressing characteristics making it a dietary necessity sometimes.

  • Saffron holds amazing healing properties that go a long way in healing wounds and removing scars and spots from a blemish free skin tone.

  • Iran

  • Spain

  • India

Average shelf life of saffron is 2 years

Saffron often called as “kesar” in hindi, is a luxurious spice and a popular one too. Its taste makes it great for usage in food, as refreshment and even for making beverages. Saffron's unique colour, flavor and other properties give it culinary and medicinal characteristics that make it renowned all over the world. Saffron is the slender, dried dark-reddish flattened stigma of cultivated saffron plant. It has sedative properties and is been considered as a panacea for numerous diseases of males and females. Its also used for perfumes but at present its maximum consumption is for the preparation of Pan-Masala.

                     Jain dry fruits has been selling only the highest grade of pure Kashmiri saffron for more than seven decades now. Kashmiri saffron has been one of our best and premium selling items since ages, as the procurement is being done from highly trusted and reliable suppliers working with us since ages. Jain dry fruits does not sell Irani saffron by the name of Kashmiri saffron, and our quality has been tested and time proven. Our unparalleled quality of high grade Kashmiri saffron makes us a prime destination in the valley to buy saffron.

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