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4-5 pieces of roasted almonds can be consumed daily as they are a great snack. And they can be used in a number of ways and dishes depending on the personal preference.

  • They must be stored at a place which is protected from insects and pests.

  • It’s essential to take the roasted almonds out from its plastic packing, shifted to tupperware or steel containers and thereafter stored in a cool, dry place or refrigerated.

  • Roasted almonds should be ideally stored in cool and dry conditions long life. Recommended temperature being < 15°C.

  • Avoid exposure to strong odors as almonds can absorb odors of others material if exposed for prolonged periods.

  • Roasted almonds support healthy brain function and are considered as brain best food. They contain riboflavin and L- carnitine, two key nutrients capable of positively affecting neurological activity and preventing cognitive decline.

  • Roasted almonds being great source of vitamin E and other antioxidants help nourish the skin and reduce sign of aging.

  • Roasted almonds help control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. The rich supply of monounsaturated fatty acid helps to slow the rate at which glucose (sugar) is released into the bloodstream.

  • Roasted almonds help with weight loss and prevent overeating, since they contain healthy fats and dietary fiber, which help to feel full and hence curbs overeating and unhealthy snacking.

  • Roasted almonds increase nutrient absorption by supplying adequate amounts of fat to properly absorb “Fat-Soluble” nutrients like Vitamin A and D. They are one of the only nuts that help alkaline the digestive tract, reducing acid build up and balancing the body’s pH.

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Average shelf life of roasted almonds is 6-7 months however, refrigeration can enhance their life for more few months and help them stay fresh for a longer duration.

Roasted almonds are a magical experience for our taste buds. They exhibit a great nutty flavour which makes them a delicious snack. They are more crunchier as compared to raw almonds and that’s why they are an enjoyable treat and a great snack. They are packed full of nutrients. They contain healthy fats that help reduce bad cholesterol levels, helping with blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. Roasted almonds are digested more easily by the body due to the change in texture, and less almond tissue is lost through the digestion process than raw almonds. They release more nutrients in the body due to their higher digestibility. They have a great nutritional value and are packed with nutrients and contain vitamin E, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, riboflavin and fiber. They are a great energy source for the body.

                 Jain dry fruits ensures its customers to provide them with crispy, crunchy premium roasted almonds, wherever they require within the country.

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