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10-12 pieces of Kashmiri mamra should definitely be included in the daily diet. They can be soaked in water overnight and blanched and then consumed with breakfast. They can also be eaten raw, however soaking them makes them easy to digest.

  • It should be stored in a cool and a dry place.

  • Refrigeration will keep almonds fresh for longer.

  • Stock must be rotated from time to time to optimize shelf life.

  • They must be removed from plastic and shifted to tupperware.

  • Kashmiri mamra is a rich source of proteins, minerals and vitamins and prevents skin disorder and anemia.

  • Kashmiri mamra is highly recommended at the time of pregnancy soaked in water with a glass of milk every morning.  

  • They have a high fiber content hence assisting in smooth digestion, and prevents constipation.  

  • It prevents coronary artery disease and strokes by favouring healthy blood lipid profile.

  • Kashmiri mamra helps control blood sugar and prevents diabetes, because of their rich supply of monounsaturated fatty acids.

  • Their healthy fats and dietary fiber helps in weight loss and prevents overeating.

  • India

Average shelf life of Kashmiri mamra is around 10 months. However refrigeration can make them last for a couple of months more.

Also called as “Kashmiri badam giri”, Kashmiri mamra, is special in its own way. Kashmiri almonds are famous all over the world for their rich oil content and splendid taste. Kashmiri mamra is compared to irani mamra many times, and according to many people’s opinion Kashmiri mamra is much better than their Irani counterparts. Unlike Irani mamra, Kashmiri mamra has no specific size and shape. Every tree has its own unique colour and shape. Even the taste varies from tree to tree. They are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and riboflavin, as well as have a rich fiber content.

Jain dry fruits has made a big name for itself selling Kashmiri mamra’s premium sorted qualities since years. It is undoubtedly one of the best sellers and a customers favourite. Jain dry fruits insists to its customers that all packets of Kashmiri mamra can have different shape and sizes. Some are quite smaller, while as some bigger in size. Some have very high oil content, some have comparably lesser. Although Jain dry fruits ensures that the quality of Kashmiri mamra being sent is premium single tree and has minimal chance of any bitter kernel, an occasional bitter  kernel can still certainly pop up. Due to drastic climatic changes, the crop yield has been relatively lower which keeps Kashmiri mamra in shortage most of times. Jain dry fruits is nevertheless committed to provide its customers only the best available on date.

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