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Kesar cream comes in a travel sized packaging and is very portable. It should be used daily on dry and normal skin. It can be used on feet, face as well as hands. Using it in the night before sleeping is ideal as it nourishes the skin.

  • Kesar Cream should be stored in cool and a dry place.

  • The lid must be kept closed after usage.

  • Kesar cream gets absorbed fully into the skin, hence providing needed hydration.

  • Its mild smell, would not bother a sensitive nose and can be applied conveniently before sleeping as it helps in nourishing the skin.

  • It moisturizes the skin, protects it and adds a healthy glow.


  • India

Kesar cream has a long life of 36 months.

Kesar Cream by Pure Roots has been an instant customer favourite and is very suitable for daily use purpose. Undoubtedly an affordable bet, it can be used on hands, feet and face after thoroughly cleaning the skin. It gets entirely absorbed into skin, and is best applied on slightly dampened skin.

Kesar Cream hydrates the skin easily, and is ideal for those who have dry and normal skin. Its key ingredients are aqua, glycerine, vitamin E, mineral oil and kesar extract. It has a moderate thick texture like that of regular cold creams. The cream comes in a tub packaging with a rounded bottom. There is a lid in a fresh pack, to prevent the product from spillage.

Jain dry fruits, ships Kesar Cream by Pure Roots to its customers, wherever required within the country.

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