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Almond oil should be applied on the skin after taking shower to get maximum benefits. It can be used for massage as it nourishes the skin, and is found to be very beneficial for hair as well. Jain dry fruits recommends its customers to use this almond oil for skin and hair and not for edible consumption.

  • It should be kept in cool and a dry place.

  • It should not be kept in extremely hot and humid condition as this may cause rancidness.

  • It moisturizes the skin better and deeper.

  • Almond oil soothes skin irritation and skin inflammation.

  • It nourishes the skin making it softer and smoother.

  • It cures chapped lips and body rashes.

  • Almond oil helps in reducing dark circles when applied before going to bed.

  • Almond oil is an excellent source to reverse and prevent signs of ageing by renewing skin cells and ensuring younger, fresher and more radiant skin.

  • Almond oil has generous amounts of monosaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, proteins and zinc, hence helping in keeping hair long and healthy.

  • It also helps in treating dandruff as it reduces scalp inflammation.                               


  • India

Almond oil should be ideally consumed within a year. With time, the smell might become strong and unpleasant due to decomposition of the fats and vitamins.

One of the best skin care agent is almond oil, which is often called as “Badam Rogan” or “Rogan e badam”. Almond oil is extracted from almonds, which are used since ages for health and culinary purposes. Almond oil gets absorbed into the skin quickly without blocking the pores. Almond oil is a light and less greasy substitute for hand and foot creams. It moisturizes better and deeper and soothes skin irritation and skin inflammation.

            Jain dry fruits are selling 100% pure kashmiri almond oil, which is extracted from kashmiri almonds kernels. Its completely organic and no additional flavours are added.The oil is taken out from both bitter and sweet almond kernels, however there is no adulteration with any other cheap oils and minerals. We make this premium quality of organic almond oil available to our customers countrywide.

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