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5-6 pieces of walnut kernels should most definitely be included in every day’s diet for abundant health benefits. We can further improve the quality of walnuts kernels by soaking them in water overnight. This will tend to lower some of the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. After soaking, you can dehydrate them at a low temperature, until they are crispy again, as they are far more palatable when they are crunchy. Many people remove the outermost layer of  walnut kernels, however Jain dry fruits recommends its customers to resist the urge to remove it. Outermost layer of the walnut kernels which is whitish, brownish, flaky has a bitter flavour. But upto 90% of the antioxidants in walnuts kernels are found to be in that skin, making it the healthiest part to consume. Walnut kernels can be used in many recipes, bakery and confectionery. They are a multipurpose nut.  

  • Jain dry fruits recommends its customers to open the packet containing the kernels, dry in natural air for 30 minutes. Then shift the same in tupperware and then refrigerate.

  • Stock must be shifted from time to time to optimize shelf life.

  • Kernels will lose their taste if kept in hot and humid conditions.

  • Walnut kernels are found to have many cancer fighting properties. They may help reduce not only the risk of prostate cancer but breast cancer as well. Overall the whole walnut diet reduces prostate cancer growth by 30 to 40 percent.

  • Walnut kernels are a heart friendly food. They contain amino acids I-arginine, which offers vascular benefits to people with heart diseases, or those who are at risk of cardiac problems.

  • Walnut kernels contain omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is anti inflammatory and may prevent formation of pathological blood clots.

  • Walnut kernels consumption supports healthful cholesterol levels. Many researches have found that eating four walnuts a day lowers cholesterol and lowers risk of sudden cardiac arrests.

  • Walnut kernels are believed to be beneficial to maintain your ideal weight over time.

  • Walnut kernels have positive impact on male fertility. Adding 75 gms of walnut in the diet daily improves sperm quality, vitality, motility and morphology.

  • Walnut kernels are rich in neuroprotective compounds including vitamin E, folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants.Studies show walnut consumption supports brain health, including increased inferential reasoning in young adults.

  • India

  • USA

  • China

Average shelf life of walnut kernels is 7-8 months, if kept in refrigeration and taken care of properly.

Known commonly as “akhrot giri” walnut kernels demand all over the world has boosted in the recent years. Their enormous health benefits have made them amongst the most popular superfoods. Daily consumption of walnut kernels yield visible benefits in a matter of months.

                        “Walnut kernels” at Jain dry fruits have been sorted, selected and graded and then are made available to the customers. “Walnut kernels” are our major trump card and best seller, since walnuts gathered popularity among the health conscious modernizing world. It must be noted that walnut kernels from Kashmir don’t have a strict definite shape and size. Also the colour varies from season to season. That being said, Jain dry fruits believe in providing their customers only the best quality, available on date. We focus on providing high quality Kashmiri walnut kernels to our customers stationed in different parts of the country.

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