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Since dried kiwis have a significant sugar content, we don't advice our customer to eat more than one piece, if taken daily. Diabetic patients should avoid dried kiwis. Jain Dry Fruits recommends it’s customers to buy kiwis as per consumption and then order again, rather than buying too much stock at once.

  • Dry kiwis should be stored in a cool and dry place.

  • They must not be exposed to direct  sunlight.

  • They should be kept away from strong odors.

  • Refrigeration is recommended if the need is to preserve them for a long time, however refrigeration will also make them slightly firmer and tough.

  • Researches have shown that the consumption of plant foods like kiwis decrease the risk of obesity and overall mortality.

  • Kiwis are rich in vitamin C, which help in improving overall skin texture.

  • Kiwis have been found to be beneficial to people having sleep related problems. It improves sleep onset, duration and efficiency in adults with sleep disturbances.

  • Because of their high potassium content kiwis can help lowering down the blood pressure.

  • China

  • New Zealand

  • Italy

Dried kiwis on average last 7-8 months. Refrigeration can though enhance their life by a couple of months.

Dried kiwi is a natural digestive aid packed with enzymes, fiber and potassium to keep electrolytes in check. They are also a good source of protective antioxidants and immunity boosting vitamins. Our dried kiwis have sweet slightly tangy taste. Their vibrant green colour which is so much fun to look at, make them appealing but is even better to eat. Dried kiwis undergo a pretreatment with ascorbic acid, sulfite dip, or syrup blanching to prevent oxidation and discoloration.

           Jain Dry Fruits is now capable of shipping these delicious dried kiwis from China to every remote location in India. This dehydrated fruit is low in fat, moderately low in calories and provides healthy minerals and fiber.

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