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1 kg of hard shelled Kashmiri almonds, yield about 250-300gms on average of Kashmiri mamra. 7-8 pieces of almond kernels must be included in the daily diet. Hard shelled Kashmiri almonds are also commonly used by Jains, for offerings made during Jain pooja.

  • They should be kept in a cool and a dry place.

  • They should be shifted to a plastic or glass container and not kept in the plastic bag for too long.

  • Kashmiri almonds helps control blood sugar and prevents diabetes, because of their rich supply of monounsaturated fatty acids.

  • Kashmiri almonds is highly recommended at the time of pregnancy soaked in water with a glass of milk every morning.

  • Kashmiri almonds is a rich source of proteins, minerals and vitamins and prevents skin disorder and anemia.

  • It prevents coronary artery disease and strokes by favouring healthy blood lipid profile.

  • They have a high fiber content hence assisting in smooth digestion and prevents constipation.  

  • Their healthy fats and dietary fiber helps in weight loss and prevents overeating.

  • India  

Average shelf life of hard shelled Kashmiri almonds is 24 months. Having a harder outer cover, protects them from early deterioration.

Kashmiri hard shelled almonds are highly rated because of the high quality sweet kernel present inside them. Kashmiri hard shelled almonds have a harder outer cover and need to be slowly hammered to retrieve the kernel present inside them. Kashmiri hard shelled almonds have no specific size and shape. Every tree gives its own unique produce of different shape, size and taste. They can be smaller or larger in size, depending upon the tree. The kernel present inside these almonds is an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, riboflavin and fiber. Kashmiri hard shelled almonds have a long shelf life, which makes them a great choice for customers who wish to use them over a long duration. Their kernels are rich in oil and splendid in taste.

               Jain dry fruits ensures that the almonds being sent have only sweet kernel thereby we sell only one tree Kashmiri almonds, which ensures similar size and shape for the whole pack. However, it must be noted that different packs will have different shapes. We ship only high quality hard shelled Kashmiri almonds to our customers wherever required within the country.

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