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3-4 pieces of dried apple rings must be included in your daily diet. Dried apples are effectively added in muffins, pies and many other baked items.

  • Dried apples should be stored in a cool and a dry place.

  • Refrigeration will enhance their shelf life and keep them fresh for longer.

  • Dried apples should not be exposed to strong and pungent odors.

  • Dried apples are an excellent source of fiber, that can help keep our system regular, aid in digestion and prevent blood sugar spikes.

  • Dried apples are a good source of vitamin B-6 and B-5, which help in improving brain function.

  • Being a good source of potassium as well, they assist in smooth functioning of our nervous system.

  • Dried apples contain vitamin C and vitamin K, which our body needs for healthy skin and bones.

  • Dried apples contain antioxidants that can help prevent cancer, especially lung cancer.

  • China

Average shelf life of dried apples is 6 months. Under refrigeration though, they can last upto 10 months.

Its a common saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Apples are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Dried apples are revered for their cholesterol lowering benefit. Studies have indicated that dried apples are beneficial to your urinary health, brain and memory function and to a diet that is focused on lowering blood pressure. Dehydrated apples are low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. Dried apples provide substantial respiratory benefits. Dried apples are a good source of iron, vitamin C and vitamin K, which our body needs for healthy skin and bones.

                   Jain dry fruits ships these dried apple rings from China, right to your doorstep any where across the country.

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