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Daily intake of cardamom should not exceed more than 2 pieces per day. Cardamom is a very common herb, used in Indian sweets and desserts. They are widely used in drinks like tea and coffee for flavour and enriched taste.

  • Green cardamom’s should be kept in a cool and a dry place.

  • They must be stored in a glass or a plastic container with a tight lid.

  • They should be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight and moisture.

  • Cardamom is an antispasmodic spice which can help you in getting rid of hiccups.

  • Cardamom is known to detoxify the body. Besides being rich in minerals it is a great blood purifier and removes excess urea, calcium and other toxins from the kidney.

  • Many of the phytonutrients, vitamins and essential oils which are present in cardamom act as antioxidants, hence help in resisting cellular ageing.

  • Cardamom is a pungent spice, which helps in preventing and retrieving cold and flu symptoms.
  • India

  • Guatemala

Provided green cardamom’s are kept in a jar with a tight lid, with no exposure to moisture and oxygen, their fragrance and aroma can last for a very long time. Average shelf life of green cardamom is around 8 months, however with time they eventually lose their flavour gradually.

Cardamom, popularly known as “elaichi”, in hindi is an exotic spice from India. Warm, fragrant and mysterious, it has a unique and a pleasant fragrance. It plays a pivotal role in the Indian cuisine and is inseparable from Indian sweets. Cardamom’s medicinal properties have been mentioned in Ayurveda as well. Green cardamom’s  comprises of fat green pods and is the most superior quality of cardamom available. Green cardamom are used in desserts, tea, coffee and many more delicious dishes.

          Jain dry fruits provide its customers with only selective qualities of green cardamoms. Green cardamoms are the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla. Their pleasant fragrance and breathtaking aroma, makes them a customer’s favourite.

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