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For a recipe of 1 kg veg or non veg dish, mix two spoons of Kanwal masala tikki to 20 ml cooking oil/water and make a thin paste. Add the same paste mixture to your preparation during boiling or at half frying. Masala tikki is effectively used to provide "tadka" in authentic spicy dishes.

  • Masala tikki should be stored in a cool and a dry place.

  • Once opened, it should be stored under refrigeration.

  • The lid must be tightly closed after usage.

  • Chili powder present in masala tikki effectively helps in red blood cell formation.

  • Masala tikki helps improving cognitive functioning by increasing the blood flow.

  • Masala tikki helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and free radicals in the body, hence increasing immunity.

  • Being rich in garlic, masala tikki usage in dishes helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

  • India

Shelf life of "Kanwal masala tikki" is 12 months.

Locally known as "Kashir Werr" in Kashmir, masala tikki is an authentic Kashmiri mix of wholesome Kashmiri spices grounded individually. Masala tikki by Kanwal has made a formidable reputation for itself in the spice market. Kanwal is one of the most trusted brands in the valley and have earned a great name for themselves by ensuring the quality of the goods is not at all compromised upon. Kanwal masala tikki is a traditional spice, and is a complete masala mix for vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes as well. Its main ingredient are red chilly powder, wild onion paste, fresh garlic paste, culinary spices, salt and edible oil.

                 Jain dry fruits ships Kashmiri masala tikki by Kanwal, to its customers stationed across different parts of the country.

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