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2-3 pieces of fresh dates can be eaten raw or boiled in milk, which will maximise its nutritional benefits.

  • Fresh dates should be kept in refrigeration.

  • They should not be exposed to strong and pungent odors.

  • Fresh dates are a great source of iron, which is a major component in red blood corpuscles or hemoglobin and plays a key role in maintaining the amount of blood cells as well as regulating the flow of oxygen in the body.  

  • Including a handful of fresh dates in your daily diet is a great choice to stay away from bone problems and dental problems, as they are having a very high calcium content.

  • Dietary fiber present in fresh dates is known to heal constipation effectively.

  • Fresh dates possess excellent antioxidative properties, which makes our digestion smoother and keeps our stomach healthy.

  • Fresh dates consist of a huge amount of natural sugar, which eventually makes them a great energy booster.   

  • UAE

  • Iran

  • Tunisia

Under refrigeration fresh dates can last upto 10 months, with no significant loss in taste and nutrients.

Fresh dates more popularly known as “khajoor”, are an energy dense food packed with carbohydrates including sucrose, fructose and glucose. These natural sugars make fresh dates a good food for boosting energy quickly. The high fiber content of fresh dates helps facilitate digestion, balance blood sugar and decrease high cholesterol levels. Fresh dates and the dried ones have almost the same amount of nutrients which is very high. It contains iron which keeps our body healthy, vitamin A for the eyes, potassium for the heart and magnesium which help against diabetes, blood pressure and depression. Although they are wonderful to indulge in, they contain high levels of fructose and too much fructose is bad for us.

                 Jain dry fruits ensures our customers enjoy premium high qualities of this nature’s energy booster without going out and choosing, which can be a tedious job. We ship selective qualities of fresh dates right to your doorstep.

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