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These almond kernels can be consumed anytime as a tasty snack though consuming them at breakfast time (i.e in the morning) is more beneficial. They can be consumed as it is, or soaked in water for sometime and then consumed which makes them easy to digest. They are used in sweets and desserts and also for extracting almond oil.

  • They should be stored in a cool and a dry place.

  • They should be shifted to tupperware containers and should not be kept in plastic bags for longer duration.

  • Refrigeration is ideal as it enhances the life of Afghani almond kernels.

  • They are ideal for increasing memory power.

  • They help in lowering the risk of diabetes.

  • They lower harmful LDL cholesterol and raise levels of good HDL cholesterol in the body.

  • It lowers the risk of developing gallstones.

  • The vitamin E present in these kernels is great for the skin.

  • Afghanistan

Average shelf life of Afghani almond kernels is 9-10 months. However, when refrigerated they can last longer and stay fresh for more than a year.

Better known as “Afghani badam giri”, they are a rich source of nutrients like manganese, vitamin E, protein, fiber and are loaded with antioxidants. These almond kernels also contain flavonoid  phytonutrients which along with vitamin E provide excellent antioxidant power. They are delicious alone as a nutritious snack, and they are a prime ingredient in home kitchen and in food manufacturing. They have a very distinctive taste and satisfying crunch. Though they are small in size, their energy level is higher than the Californian ones. Even they have better oil content than their Californian counter-parts.

                 Jain dry fruits sells high grade qualities of Afghani Almond Kernels and is capable of shipping them anywhere within the country.

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