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2-3 pieces of Californian prunes can be included in the daily diet. Prune juice is very common in western countries as it contains fiber accompanied with vitamins and minerals. Besides that prunes are extensively used in desserts, and cooking dishes in many cuisines.

  • Prunes should be stored in a cool and a dry place.

  • Refrigeration is ideal and will enhance their shelf life for several more months.

  • Prunes should not be exposed to strong odors of other materials.

  • Prunes help in digestion, as they are high in fiber, which helps prevent hemorrhoids brought on by constipation.

  • Prunes are great source of iron and help preventing anaemia.

  • Prunes a great source of vitamin A, a vitamin that is essential for healthy vision.

  • Prunes are high in potassium, an important mineral that ensures proper functioning of the heart and nerve response throughout the body.

  • Prunes have anti inflammatory properties and are highly recommended for people suffering from arthritis.

  • They are great for hair and skin health, because of their abundant vitamin and minerals, accompanied with high iron content.

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Shelf life of prunes in around 6 months. However refrigeration will enhance their shelf life to upto 10 months.

Prunes are basically dried plums. They are sweet with a deep taste and a sticky chewy texture and are not only fun to eat, but are also highly nutritious. Prunes are also used in cooking both sweet and savoury dishes. Prunes are rich in antioxidants, and contribute to the restoration of normal level function in general population, if consumed on daily basis. Prunes are great source of phenols, which help to prevent oxygen damage to cells. Their sweetness does not make them the best fruit choice for slimmers, but their soluble fibre does slow down absorption of glucose, stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Jain Dry Fruits sell premium qualities of Californian prunes and makes it available to its customers across the whole country. These utterly delicious little pillows make a splendid breakfast or pudding.

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